Odyssey’s Managed Hosting

Web Hosting

Web hosting is an essential practice for most industries today. While there are many companies that provide this service at a low monthly cost, at Odyssey, our websites are managed by actual humans — making us different than those bargain hosting companies. When changes need to be made or when something goes wrong, we’re here to help and offer our experience. Our connection is closely monitored and therefore dependable. Disconnections are swiftly handled and updates regularly performed.

Email Hosting

Given how email is so essential to business, managed email hosting is one of our most popular services. Above everything, having managed email hosting means when something isn’t operating properly, you’ve got someone you can turn to to fix it. When you’ve forgotten your password or emails aren’t sending properly, contact us and we’ll quickly get everything back in working order.

It’s also worth noting that our email hosting includes a spam filtering option which is the best in the business.