We've been serving up fresh data, email, and websites for decades

Serving. Hosting.

Among all the technical jargon that computing typically demands,
these two friendly words stand out.

They're a reminder that delivering data to its proper destinations reliably, safely, quickly and accurately, is actually a craft that benefits from human management and attention.

It's why Odyssey Communications Group invests in our own hosting services and email systems. It's why we evaluate whether your shareable files belong in the cloud or in a server closet. Simply put, we want to make sure your data - all your data - has a nice safe place to stay.


Hosting requires you to master obscure online technologies and become a web developer as well. Odyssey offers a simpler solution: our managed hosting means we manage all the technical matters, and you manage to get a good night's sleep. No more dealing with managed domain registration and renewal, DNS, struggling with storage, or wrangling with websites. When Odyssey manages your web and video hosting these and a whole host of other issues our handled by our expert webmasters and tech support personnel.


Whether your business data belongs in server in a back room or spread out in the internet's "cloud" of hosting options depends on your needs and budget. The right solution for your needs takes into account security, speed, ongoing costs, your need to scale up and down, accessibility requirements and more. We'll ensure you get maximum uptime and business continuity, superb security, and boosted communication and collaboration…and we'll stay with you as your business evolves.


We knows how much everyone's business runs on email. You just can't afford to go out of sync or out of touch, and your messages have to reach their destination reliably. When new staff join your business or when people leave, you have to manage the transitions quickly and seamlessly. And then there's the never ending battle against spam. Odyssey is well versed in the big solutions like MS 365 and Google Workplace, plus custom options that may be better suited to your needs. We've been serving mail reliably for decades.

Migrate your technology to Odyssey.

We're ready to serve you now...just tell us how:

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