The Odyssey “GRP”

Odyssey Communications Group has been in business for over two decades. You get artists,  computer gurus, writers and programming ninjas in your corner. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a ninja with years of experience in their corner?

We’re at the intersection where marketing communications meets communications technology. Wherever your business is going, Odyssey can take you there. Our rich background helps us see further — coupling experience to emerging trends to better position you for growth and success.

We use both sides of our brain to tackle any kind of communication — creative or technical — with maximum effectiveness. Odyssey has the knowledge and experience to develop successful marketing efforts, plus the creativity to exploit the latest technology.

The creative side of our company specializes in crafting a message and bringing that message to the right audience. The art in communication begins with an understanding of our client’s business, their audience and the business environment. Expressing that understanding consistently and memorably is what we do best.

The other half of us involves working through the technological aspects — the science that drives your message. Our primary concern within IT is to keep your business up and running, securely and efficiently. We’re Apple-certified network technicians who happen to like Windows-based PCs too.