Seeing Further News for March 2018:
What do you want from your website?

How do you answer the question in the headline? (If you haven’t thought about it lately, take a moment – we’ll wait. You’re welcome.)

For some, their business website exists mainly because somebody said they had to have one. Others think about their website mostly in terms of design and content, costs and timeframes. Some do say they want their website to bring in more customers.

None of these answers are very satisfying. If your goals are fuzzy, the results will be fuzzy too. So what do you need your website to do for you? A great way to think about that is to consider what your customers need from your website – not your needs.


Yes, thinking about your business and how your website can help achieve business goals is a good start. Maybe the site is supposed to help drive business to your physical location, or maybe the site IS the business. But deeper insights come from thinking about the customers’ online needs.

What do your customers want? Perhaps multiple things! In fact Odyssey inevitably finds that they do want multiple things – and that’s good; otherwise your website can shrink down to one small page. Some customers are seeking information – most often (but not always!) specifically about your business. They also want enough information, presented clearly, to help them make a decision. But what decision? To buy something? Contact you? Share with others?

Figure out their next step and you’ll be a step ahead.

Once you really think like your customers, you’ll gain new perspective on how well your website meets their needs. And you’ll soon find yourself looking less at visual design and more at functions, content, and usability.

If you’re still not quite sure what the site should do – or could do, we can help you work it out. No matter what your customers want, it’s always time to revisit how well your online presence meets those needs.

And THEN…how can you tell IF and HOW WELL you’re meeting those needs? Ahhh…we can help there too. So contact us!