Say Hello to Ring Central

What if your office phone was smarter than a smart phone?

Odyssey is a Ring Central Partner Ring Central is the leader in VOIP cloud-managed phone systems, and for good reasons! Their system allow companies, whether large or small, to communicate with ease.

Do your clients like to text? Great! Text them back from your office number with Ring Central!
Tired of that old fax machine? Use the Ring Central app to fax documents from your computer or cell phone. With Ring Central the fax line comes FREE!
Need to visit face to face with someone who’s not in the office? Schedule and manage video chat with Ring Central Meetings!

Apps for all mobile devices help you and your coworkers stay connected no matter where you are. Conference calls, video chat, texting, and faxing can all be done from a computer or even a cellphone  thanks to Ring Central apps. Odyssey can even configure your iphone to act as another extension phone, allowing you to receive and make calls with your office number as the caller ID!


Features  like these maximize your office efficiency and remote connectivity. Odyssey is a certified Ring Central Partner and can provide you with these great benefits! Because Ring Central is cloud managed there is no need to pay for unnecessary setup fees. To learn more about the many capabilities, or for a  custom price quote call us on your from your old phone at 972.997.9052.

Top Ring Central Features

  • Text messaging
  • Video conferencing
  • Conference calling
  • Apps for mobile devices
  • Ability to customize each user
  • Personalized voicemail
  • Ability to program individual phones
  • Receive voicemails via email
  • Call filtering
  • Direct dial
  • Extension mobility
  • Portable office extension
  • …and more