HIPAA, made “Simplaa”

Managing patient information was simple — once upon a time. Unfortunately, things will never again be like they once were.  So many legal issues over client information, and the very real consequences for failing to adhere to the rules on ePHI — we’ve moved from fairy tale to nightmare.

Fortunately, it’s Odyssey Communications Group to the rescue. We have a knowledgeable, comprehensive approach to ensuring HIPAA compliance which covers:

  • HIPAA Compliant Firewalls
  • HIPAA Compliant Access Points
  • Secure File Sharing – Odyssey Courier
  • Secure Email
  • …and more

We know what a doctor’s office needs to meet HIPAA standards. From Firewalls, Access Points, and Switches to Email, File Sharing, and VPN, Odyssey can help you obtain a HIPAA compliant network without hassle on your part. Don’t risk having to pay $50,000.00 for a single violation — contact Odyssey Communications Group now and let us help you find solutions for all of your HIPAA compliance needs.